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    • How To Be a Hero

      Year 5 were lucky enough to be sent some advance proof copies of How to Be a Hero by Cat Weldon. Thank you to Reading Zone for asking for our opinions on this brilliant book! Mrs Canning: A heroically good read from Cat Weldon! Meet Whetstone, a most unheroic thief. When his efforts to steal a talking cup take an unexpected turn, he finds himself in the company of Lotta, a trainee Valkyrie. Together they embark on a rip-roaring adventure that spans several worlds. Will Whetstone be remembered for all the wrong reasons or will he finally learn that being different is sometimes the very best thing you can be? I thoroughly enjoyed this unpredictable and humorous quest story. The characters were likeable, the story fast paced and I loved how the two worlds collided in this unlikely friendship. Not only did it help to educate me on different aspects of Viking lore, it also carries an important message about staying true to oneself. I would highly recommend it to pupils aged 7+, particularly if they are studying the Vikings. It is the perfect book for fans of How to Train Your Dragon and would be a great addition to any bookshelf. David: I would rate this book 5/5 because it's one of those comedy books: I LOVE THEM and the illustrations are extraordinary! It's like How to Train Your Dragon but more comedic. I would recommend this book and want more people to experience Cat Weldon's writing. If you like funny books, or adventure stories, then you would like this. Hanna: I was reading How to be A Hero by Cat Weldon. It's a beautifully told story by a wonderful author. I loved this book and I couldn't put it down! I felt like I was on a journey with Lotta and Whetstone (the protagonist). I rated this book 4.75 out of 5 - it was really close to a 5! It is a mythological fantasy adventure. I would recommend it to people who love mythology and want to learn more about it, or people who like fantasy. It's not a book I would normally read but I really enjoyed it. Caoimhe: I would rate this book 4.5/5 because it is adventurous and different to other books. I would recommend this book to my friends because I feel like they would like it. My favourite part was when Flee and Flay got in trouble at the end and my favourite character was Lotta. Hermon: I love this book. I would give it five stars. Whetstone and a trainee Valkyrie called Lotta go on a quest to get the golden cup. It is a Viking book that I really enjoyed. I would recommend it for How to Train your Dragon lovers. Noel: This book is an amazing book about Vikings, Gods and lots more. It is about a boy called Whetstone and a companion (a trainee Valkyrie called Lotta). They embark on an adventure through different worlds. I would recommend this to people age 8 or over, who are fans of How to Train Your Dragon. This book was adventure-packed and pretty satisfying.

    • Interview with Emma Carroll

      Year 6 were delighted to have the opportunity to interview our Book of the Month author, Emma Carroll. Emma has written many historical fictions books, aimed at Upper Key Stage 2, such as the Somerset Tsunami, Secrets of a Sun King and Letters from the Lighthouse. We would like to say a massive thank you to Emma for taking the time to answer our questions. Where does your interest in historical fiction stem from?I love reading books set in the past, so I think this is my biggest influence. I love hearing about everyday details like what people wore, what food they ate, how they travelled, things like that. What made you write about a tsunami? It's a true story- well, part of it is. A huge wave travelled up the Bristol Channel in 1608, causing terrible floods in which 2000 people died. In 2004, geologists researching the event, claimed written accounts of the time and the aftermath of the flood all pointed to it being a tsunami. It was then down to me to make up characters who might've lived through such a disaster. Is there a follow-on from this particular book? Though the ending suggests there might be a sequel, there aren't any plans for one, currently! What is the best part of being an author and why? There are so many! I love that I get to write stories all day, read books, talk about books and meet lots of brilliant people. It's the best job in the world. Ever since I was a child I've wanted to be an author. Sometimes I have to pinch myself! Are you interested in superstitious activity in real life? I confess I do love spooky stories and old traditions, yes. And I always say 'morning sir' to single magpies!

    • Book Spree

      Book Spree We were so lucky to win a book spree from the Siobhan Dowd Trust charity! We had a budget of £400 to spend on new books for our classrooms. We split this money between each year group in Key Stage 2 so each year had £100 to spend. The only rule was that the children had to do the choosing!   Year 3:  Year Three had great fun this afternoon. A group of us were given the very important job of choosing some new books for our classroom bookshelves. We worked together to look at the list of books that we could choose from and thought about the type of books that we enjoy reading and the books that we felt we needed most in our classes. We chose a list of books and calculated how much we had spent. Luckily we had stayed within budget so we did not have to cross any books off our list. We were delighted that we could keep all of the books we had chosen. Thank you to the Siobhan Dowd Trust for your generosity in funding these books and we are really looking forward to their arrival. Year 4:   Year 4 have had so much fun this week! We felt privileged to be given the opportunity to choose our very own books for our class bookshelves. As we knew this was a very important job, we took lots of time to discuss what types of books we like to read in year 4 and what we felt our bookshelves were lacking. We made sure that our choices were varied in order to cater for our whole year band. The tricky part was trying to stay within our £100 budget, as there were just SO many books we liked the look of! Our poor calculators have never worked so hard! Eventually, we came up with a list of books that we were all excited about. Year 4 would like to say a humongous THANK YOU to the Siobhan Dowd Trust for funding our book spree and for giving us this opportunity. We can’t wait for our books to arrive!  Year 5:  Today was the best day ever! A team of Year 5 children were selected from different setting groups and got together to make some tough decisions. We looked through lists from Peters bookshop and we used the Reader Teacher website for inspiration too. Working in pairs, we selected the books we liked and then rotated the lists so we all had a chance to look at them. We then put together a list of the most popular and we had spent over £186! We had to then vote to reduce this list so we weren’t spending over our budget. When we were picking books, we thought carefully about representing the whole year band. We had to think about what books others would enjoy and we tried to pick across a range of genres. We had lots of discussion and debate and finally agreed on 21 books.  We CANNOT wait to receive our books and would like to say a big thank you to the Siobhan Dowd Trust for giving us this fantastic opportunity! Year 6: We have just completed the best job ever, choosing new books for our year group! We felt very lucky to be able to do this and we are very grateful to the Siobhan Dowd Trust for allowing us to have this much fun!  Our approach was well considered! Our small group firstly discussed what books we enjoy then what books we feel we lack in our classrooms. We thought about others as well as ourselves.  We calculated costs as we went along and feel really happy that we have spent our money wisely.  Thank you again – we really do appreciate it and we can’t wait for our books to arrive!

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