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MFL at St. Bernadette's


“A different language is a different vision of life."  Federico Fellini

St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary School is a place that offers pupils an education rich in wonder and memorable experiences. Through our creative and inspiring MFL curriculum, it is our aim that children ‘learn to love and love to learn’ as global citizens. We believe that acquiring a foreign language and developing skills in communication are a necessary part of living in a multicultural society, essential ingredients to broadening our children’s horizons. 

Language lessons place a strong emphasis on developing the speaking and listening skills of the children: expressing their ideas and thoughts as they interact and communicate with others orally is at the heart of our MFL curriculum. The bespoke KS2 curriculum is organised around a wide range of engaging and relevant topics and themes; it aims to teach language that is purposeful and of high interest as well as nurture linguistic curiosity.

MFL Overview
MFL Overview.jpg
A Flavour of French

Take a look at some of the activities and skills our children are developing in their French lessons.  Such amazing work, with a little fun on the way…

Language Ambassadors

At Saint Bernadette’s we have Language Ambassadors who promote the school’s positive ethos in language learning. These children have been chosen to represent our school as great role models, promoting the importance of language and the diverse world we live in.  What an amazing job they do- thank you so much for sacrificing all those lunch times and giving your class a voice!

Pupil Voice

The children at Saint Bernadette’s really enjoy their French lessons and the experiences the French curriculum provides.  Here are some of their comments:


“I love my French lessons as there are so many activities to do and I know I am progressing because I can do the recaps without any help” Y6 pupil.

“This is only the second time I have cooked in my life and now I learnt how to make crepes” Y5 pupil


“I enjoyed going on the Mrs Colclough’s plane because it felt real and exciting to fly to France. I have never been on a plane before” Y1 pupil

“French is important for our lives so we can meet new people, go on holiday, speak to people and not offend them” Y6 pupil

French Day

Every year at Saint Bernadette’s, we hold a special French Theme Day to celebrate France’s Bastille Day.  Each class across school is involved in a vast range of fun and practical French related activities where they learn about the country’s geography, history, food, art and culture.  All children are invited to come into school dressed in a French theme and get the opportunity to  cook and taste selected French cuisine, re-create the work of well-know French artists and architects,  as well as participate in a variety of workshops and experiences such as ballet, Cirque Du Soleil, pétanque, Tour de France, a Journey to Paris to name but a few. Take a look…

Learning Outside the Classroom

We know that reviewing and consolidation new vocabulary and grammatical structures is an integral part of learning and memorising a new language.  As well as looking out for the ‘Réviser Votre Français’ section on the school newsletter, below are some web links to support your child’s language learning journey. Enjoy!


Why not join in on your child’s language learning journey by downloading Duolingo, the fun, free app for learning 40+ languages (including French) through quick, bite-sized lessons. Practice speaking, reading, listening, and writing to build your vocabulary and grammar skills.

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